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who often come from bleak situations, and provide them with a safe refuge, the means of expressing themselves, and importantly the means of earning a livelihood. Funding a student for 4 to 5 years would ensure lessons are paid for and instrument hire and repair costs are met. It could also give the possibility of a career in music for a sponsored child.

Teachers and Long Term Volunteers for 2015 - 2017

KMS - PhoebeVolunteer teachers continue to make important contributions and there have been some exciting lessons and master classes given by eminent visiting musicians.  Some instruments still need outside teaching and this canbe done by youn players wanting different exposure for 6-12 months. 

The strings and wind still need help to develop. Kampala Symphony Orchestra is growing in every way but advanced violin playing would take this to greater heights.  Cost of living and safe transport are part of this cost.

FKMS - Teachers



KMS sends teachers into schools and orphan- ages which cannot afford music in their curriculum, and provides them with instruments. It runs weekend ensembles and choirs and holiday courses for children.  KMS still teaches former street boys in the M-Lisada band. Thanks to their music, they also now have their own home. Music and instruments are in place but help is needed to pay KMS trained teachers where music cannot be a priority on the school outgoings.  Twinning with schools in the UK and individual sponsors would give the encouragement and finance needed.



Funds are needed to continue the running costs of the School.  Development, help with maintenance of the building as well as salary costs need to be met.


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